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This site is 100% dedicated to 80’s New Wave and Alternative Music, sprinkled with some early Rap and raw, young Punk Rock.

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In 1980, there was a fresh smell in the air, as the 60s’ “Classic Rock” genre started to slowly bore a generation with its repetitive nature. Disco had fizzled out. What came next was a smorgasbord of electronic AND guitar driven New Wave and Alternative music.

But the 1980’s also witnessed very early Rap Music and youthful, invigorating Punk Rock. If you ask me, all of these new or newish youthful, energetic, creative genres were meant for each other. And were meant for US!

What a decade the 1980’s were, musically speaking! This New Wave and Alternative 80’s Music revolution lead us soon afterward to the new, harder, guitar rock-oriented “Alternative” music scene that exploded in the 1990’s. You could say Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili peppers have Robert Smith of “The Cure” to thank [ha ha ha] ;>

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The Smiths. The Cure. The Clash. O.M.D. The Pogues. Love and Rockets. Beastie Boys. Black Flag. Big Audio Dynamite. Crowded House. Thompson Twins. Duran Duran. Bowie. R.E.M. Public Enemy. Modern English. Missing Persons.

The Ramones. The Cars. Sex Pistols. Romeo Void. That Petrol Emotion. Billy Bragg. That Petrol Emotion. Bow Wow Wow. Split Enz. Simple Minds. Paul Hardcastle. Nitzer Ebb. Gene Loves Jezebel. Dead Milkmen. Camouflage. Ministry.

Scandal. Ric Ocasek. Subhumans. Public Image Ltd. Devo. Peter Murphy. Prince. Pat Benatar. Joy Division. New Order. Madness. Joe Jackson. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Front 242. Echo & The Bunnymen. Blondie. Men at Work.

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